Chinese strengthening fishery industry development to promote the safety of aquatic products
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Vice Minister of agriculture Niu expresses 26 days, China will strengthen the fisheries industry development, to further promote the safety of aquatic products, improve the export of aquatic products and aquatic products export quality level.
China fishery department, director of the forum 26 in Fujian province held in marine and fisheries. Niu Dun of undersecretary of Ministry of Agriculture said, Chinese will further promote the construction of modern fisheries, promote the sustained and healthy development of marine fishery, to ensure the effective supply of aquatic products of urban and rural residents, to ensure food safety, food safety state.
He said, in order to ensure the effective supply of aquatic products of urban and rural residents at the same time, but also improve the export of aquatic products and the level of export of aquatic products quality, China aquatic products exports reached US $20000000000 last year, continue to enhance the quality and safety level, influenced by the input market welcome.
Niu also said that China will vigorously to strengthen and promote the development of the pelagic fishery, ocean fishery represents the strategic direction for China's fishery "going out", China will further support the renovation of the ocean fishing, accelerate the construction of offshore pelagic fishery comprehensive base, and actively explore new fishing grounds, to continue to promote China ASEAN, China and Indonesia multilateral and unilateral fishery cooperation projects, expand the scale of offshore aquaculture.
This symposium focuses on aquatic products quality and safety problems, and focus on the exchange of Fujian aquatic products quality safety work experience. The provinces and municipalities, municipalities and Xinjiang production and Construction Corps Fisheries Office of the Secretary of Ministry of agriculture, the relevant departments and bureaus, Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences, Ministry of agriculture, fishing vessel inspection bureau, the National Fisheries Technology Extension Station and China Society of Fisheries mainly responsible person to attend the meeting.


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