Minister of Agriculture Fisheries do regulation violations special action against Jiangxi Jiujiang fishing tackle supervision
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According to the general office of the Ministry of agriculture "on notice" regulation violations special action of cleaning waters fishing tackle related work deployment, the steering group of catchment of the Yangtse River fishery supervision and management office in 2014 December 8-9 days Guangxi director of agriculture, Fisheries Law Enforcement Command Center Lu Yi, deputy director general of the Liuzhou aquatic animal husbandry and Veterinary Bureau Yu Baotian, accompanied by Guangxi fishery administration command center deputy chief Cai Min line Chen Fu, deputy director of the provincial Fishery Management Bureau deputy investigator coated love wide, deputy director of the Bureau of fisheries management Yang Yuanhui, to my city the Yangtze River, the waters of Poyang Lake inspection.
The steering group and his entourage from Jiujiang Yangtze River port passenger fishing boat down the river to check Xunyang District -- Jiujiang County -- Hukou County -- Pengze County water, 9 days into the Poyang Lake Hukou County inspection -- Mount Lu -- Duchang County -- Xingzi County along the river, the lake waters; we will listen to political reporting remediation clean-up illegal fishing fishing gear special action, field access to relevant information and the case file, held discussions with fishery managers local grassroots, and carry out the special rectification action achieved success in Jiujiang, fully affirmed.


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