The basic steps for using the sea rod
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(1) by section opened the sea rod, so that each coil alignment, and in a straight line, each section connections should be tightened slightly afterburner. A coil winding wheel holder should be.
(2) an reel, the reel arranged on the card seat, with the nut fixing it to die, the reel check switch to reverse position, pull the thread, the fishing line is pulled out, and then one by one through the coil, coil until through the rod tip. And then the connecting rings hanging aconite and bomb bait, ready to dump.
(3) to check the switch back forward position, adjust good drag device, which is very important. Too tight, outlet resistance is too large, easy to break when the fish; too loose, the outlet resistance is too small, in the fish outlet too fast, as later than the line break. The general is pulled by hand to pull the fishing line, fishing line can be.
(4) rotation of the winding wheel, make the bait from the rod tip 30~40 cm. Then the right hand grip on the reel, clip in wire wheel is connected back to the middle finger and ring finger, the forefinger first joint hook fishing line, turning wire ring, according to your familiar dump mode will hook bait to catch points.
(5) to monkshood water, immediately back outlet ring rocking the reel handle take-up, when the take-up back part, fishing line is still in a state of relaxation, the sea rod is placed on the bracket, a sea rod elevation (rod and ground into) should be bigger, which should steep some, there is a direct relationship between the size and the rod tip elevation response sensitivity. In general, the greater the higher elevation, sensitivity; on the contrary, it is more slow. Judging whether a standard elevation suitable stop rod and the line between angle when the angle is more close to 90 degrees, the more sensitive reaction. Therefore, the angle is the core reaction sensitivity. Sea rods are good, then in the rod tip clamp a bell.
(6) in case of windy weather, high elevation makes the fishing rod easily affected by the wind swinging. In order to make the sea rods enhance wind resistance can be reduced, the elevation angle, but not too small, that will make the rod tip sensitivity is reduced; in addition, can also be a sea rod to recover a few day, that the rod height reduced, also can reduce the influence of wind; or the sea rod side lying on the shore, but we want to make the fishing rod and fishing angle between lines, to close to 90 degrees
(7) sea rods are good, you can wait and reaction, or listen to the sound of the bell, or see the rod tip. When you see a sharp swing rod tip or ring tones masterpiece, but can turn a holding pole backward vigorously lifting pole, then the rapid take-up, received several noodle, and lifting pole again, so repeated several times, so that the hook fastened lips.
(8) the bait into the water, after 20~30 minutes still no response, then it should pole, re bait. Because the bait into the water after will soon spread, after half an hour, the appearance will be the small fish eat the bait, not change would be a waste of time.


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