Long shot rods, sea rods have what distinction? The fishing line wheel also shot and ships.
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    The difference between rods and sea rods. Long shot technique as the name suggests is a kind of special long shot rod fishing, long shot pole seemingly usually used with our "fishing rod", but in fact the distinction, the pole for the original seaside beach fishing, applicable to the seaside beach water without the place, but also suitable for freshwater fish. Long shot rod due to its remote advantages favored by the fishing, and in recent years was gradually adopted by freshwater fish lovers.
       1: the long shot to shot is to find fish hiding place or fish necessary, but by the limit of the length of pole can not meet this requirement, the common sea rod throw hard to break 70 meters, and a lot of big water fishing, distance fishway closer place will have more fish chance. 
       2: long shot rod with a sea rod difference long shot rod is a kind of sea rods, according to the need of fishing and evolution. The general freshwater fishing sea rod using the lovers are within 3   meters, there are 3.9 sea rods, although length has reached the long shot pole, but tonal and design are different. Long shot rod is telescopic rod, in order to reduce the resistance wire line, magnetic eyes generally 5, according to the different sections of rod length 4 - section 6. Basic length long shot rod should be 3.9--4.5 meters, hardness (hammer load) for 25, 40, 40, or more rare. Usually the hammer weight value is greater, the pole hardness increased, if a long shot rod label is 30, it is suitable for throwing Line No. 30 (equivalent to 112 grams of weight). Long shot rod bottom to the distance between the reel is longer, usually 50 to 60 cm, to a design to increase the force arm, only one objective, shot.
       3: the distance and resistance if you want to achieve greater distances, must overcome the various aspects of the resistance. 1) friction and air resistance shot maximum resistance from the main line and air, thin wire diameter is usually smaller resistance, long shot anglers are usually a small line diameter in order to obtain further throw. When the cast rod should consider the effect of the wind on the line, if there is wind, the wind stopped to choose intermittent rods. 2) line of resistance to choose relatively soft line, hard line memory is strong, especially wrapping too long aging line cup, with a strong memory, so in order to minimize the winding resistance, the line should be fine, soft, every year a change. 3) the wire loop (magnetic eyes) in order to reduce the friction resistance wire to wire ring, long shot rod usually 5 wire ring, good quality wire ring is a smooth inner wall wear, wire ring and tyre agree on the market for the Fuji brand, wire ring long shot rod end above the general usually choose this brand. 4) the reel (reel) resistance to reel in the line when the rotor head friction resistance and line, now many manufacturers designed shot wheel, cup shaped high line, shallow groove, a cup body slightly tapered fine to coarse, cup head edge for the slope design, anyway, everything is in order to qualify quickly and reduce the resistance. In order to reduce the resistance, line cup should be wrapped, in order to prevent the disorder line, do not easily open the reverse switch, when need to drag the line can be discharge regulating pine. Usually for a fresh shot reel type in 5000-8000.
        4 rods: skill and method of 1) is the wind line 1 meters, open line cup, the forefinger around line, line and rod arm angle is 90 degrees (to prevent disorderly line), lift rod over the head of his right foot, left foot in front, the distance in front, eye view point, the body back, drive with the force of the legs and waist, arms force cast, outlet angle is 60 degrees, the stop rod angle is 45 degrees, and keep this point until the plummet into the water, generally do not touch the ground. 2) side of the cast wind line 1.5 meters, open line cup, the forefinger around line, lift rod to the right (line cup in the right ear and feet), before and after the separation, the eye view point, the lifting arm, the body back, eyes look (to increase body pitch angle), the plumb mopping the floor (drag or outer support), at which the wind line must try to Bengzhi, prevent pole winding. Drag: air line to the inside straight, plumb touchdown, an opening formed V word lying in the front and a rod body. Drag: air line to the lateral straight, plumb.3 360 degrees 360 degrees) cast cast method is shot method more professional, international dunk contest participants in common casting method, is mainly the use of rapidly rotating force of the body, skill is quite high, it is difficult to make *, higher requirement on the ground, inadequate application.
         5: the pursuit of sensitive shot fishing pole and sensitive and insensitive sport fishing hook lines also used in shot fishing groups, fishing for carp fishing as a long shot, the main fishing for carp and other small fish should be cast rod and the appropriate group configurations using soft tip. Rod depends mainly on the rod tip movements to judge, bells and sirens often lag reaction, of course, need to identify the rod tip movement, effects filtered signal pecking small fish and the wind and the waves cause the rod tip point, use the hook is the key in fish. If fishing target fish for larger fish, may wish to use hard rods, I like with the No. 3 line, hook line hook line tied for No. 5, No. 3, this group is more sensitive, but not suitable for hanging bottom waters, if hard adjusting rod, recommend the use of the main line No. 4 or above. Shot line selection No. 4 line can control large freshwater fish 20 kilograms, which requires the tonal appropriate fishing rod, and is easy to adjust the reel relief force. Long shot rod can be thin Boda, but need to configure and higher reasonable control of fish skills.
         6: long shot pole fishing group is equipped with 1 wire) before shot explosive force with 30 bob weight in the line to line 4 or even instant No. 5 lines were cut line, in order to avoid disconnection, some fishing friends will choose more thick line 6 meters of diameter of a wire to wire before, and said the head line, as it can withstand casting rods instantaneous explosive force, while the main line size is fine can still maintain a smaller resistance and faster line speed. 2) plumb underwater Shi Di use a drop shaped plumb, small resistance, not the end of hanging, drawback is easy to be trapped into mud. The water is suitable for flat lead mud, not easy to fall into the muddy bottom, defect is in stone at the end to end of hanging. 3) hook line group with 12 hook line group as an example, the main line is usually tied hook line No. 5, No. 3, hook line is too small, difficult to bear 30 Bob brought the explosive force, smaller hook line and the main line tracks will be reduced accordingly, and vice versa. 4) select the nylon line is a popular choice, but due to affordability limited cannot choose smaller wire diameter, in order to reduce the diameter of the resistance, many fishing fishing friends have been shot braid called strong horses lines (Dyneema), woven wire drawback is its lack of flexibility, by its own force resist the impact force brings, equipped with braided line need long shot rod tonal good performance, around the reel good, relatively high requirement for anglers fish control technology. The third generation of braided line or PE line is multi strand woven surface coating, has the advantages of high tensile strength, wear resistance, is still the lack of scalability, but less transmission attenuation in fish after the signal, the more sensitive. Because it is a new product launch, the price does not poor, performance remains to be the test of the market. 5) choose market shot wheel on a specially designed shot wheel less, many brands of shot round just cup change slightly, not up to the requirements of wheel and pitching, pitching the domestic production of foreign trade orders, seen in the domestic market rarely, international brand shot round the price does not poor, fishing can be relaxed selection considering the cup, and shot wheel similar to, 6000 - 8000 types of winding wheel as the cup the first large, out quickly, also can throw distance. 6) long shot pole selection long shot pole selection should differ from man to man, the general length is in 3.9 meters to 4.5 meters is appropriate, too short is not suitable for too long will result in long shot, rod body weight the resistance is not up to the purpose of the shot. Select the rod length according to catch their height, arm length and strength, through a period of time after practice fishing rods, military power and strength will be significantly enhanced, cast rods and increasingly skillful techniques, there will be further demands on the performance of cast rods, this time you can according to their own situation to upgrade rods. Choose the long shot rod hardness to No. 30 (hammer Road No. 30) was moderate, too soft, elastic and weak, strong need strong explosive force to play the Tougan elasticity. 
      7: the long shot rod for fishing waters, or large fresh water fishing.