Chinese remediation illegal fishing waters south of the Yellow River related to strengthen ecological protection
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Clean up illegal fishing gear by a leading Chinese Department of Agriculture recently launched campaigns. The clean-up regulation scope mainly concentrated in the south of the Yellow River waters, law enforcement personnel inventory "lethal net" "electric fishing" and other illegal fishing, prohibition of all forms of overfishing, water ecological security safeguard.
The reporter understands from the Ministry of agriculture, the centralized rectification action for a period of 1 months, ranging from the Yellow River to the south of the Yangtze River Basin, Pearl River Basin, Huaihe basin, Minjiang basin and all other inland waters, related to the 20 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government will be synchronized action.
In the law enforcement field of Wuhan Yangtze River Basin, Hubei province aquatic product bureau director Li Shengqiang said, law enforcement officers will patrol along the Yangtze River Road, the implementation of "zero tolerance for all illegal fishing and illegal fishing practices".
With the rapid economic and social development, water ecological protection is facing the severe form. The researchers said, the Yangtze River four everybody fish seedlings highest catches reached 30000000000 tail, falling to 300000000 by 2003 end, roe seedling quantity to drop year by year.
"The cause of reduction of fisheries resources are in many aspects, not only has the effect of construction, also have the effect of water pollution, and the valley of lvjinbujue overfishing have relations." Academician of the Academy of Sciences, China freshwater fish expert Cao Wenxuan said.
Reporters at the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Hydrobiology in the scientific data to see, in recent years, parts of fishermen's catches, even was born less than 100 days seedlings have.
"This shows that some of the fishermen in the use of destructive fishing gear." Cao Wenxuan is very sad, hope that the Ministry of agriculture this action can achieve the desired effect.
Li Shengqiang said, hope that through this concentrated rectification actions, popularize the knowledge of laws and regulations, promote ecological protection concept to the fishermen and the masses, attract social participation and supervision, common to all kinds of illegal fishing practices, a declaration of war.
According to the introduction, in 2013 the beginning of August, the Ministry of Agriculture organized for a period of three months of remediation clean-up illegal fishing special action since 2014 and three consecutive issued a notice clearly related to management requirements, all localities to strengthen law enforcement supervision, and achieved certain results.
However, due to the wide range of fishing waters, the number of practitioners, the basic forces fishery law enforcement relative management object and task of serious deficiencies, some places illegal use of "lethal net", electric pulse and other illegal fishing tackle fishing phenomenon still occur.
According to the arduous to combat illegal fishing practices, some experts suggest that in the Yangtze River and other important rivers to extend the moratorium. "To the Yangtze River for example, catch accounted for only aquaculture market miniscule proportion, eat fish would not be affected." Cao Wenxuan said.


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