Sea rod and rod compared advantages
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(1) LUT far: sea rods have enough storage line, and lead mound, bait, it is easy to be thrown into the tens of meters from the waters, experienced fisherman can be swung to one hundred meters away. Where the big fish, perches in the deep water area of the far shore, less in the nearshore zone swimming. Therefore, it was far to create conditions to catch a big fish.
(2) the bait to lure fish rice foot, strong: the sea rod bomb hooks (Group hook bait pinch into egg), large, and even the fist big bait, bait wrapped in 6~10 gold, so much after the bait into the water, the natural formation of a bait, fish far shore see send the door of the food, can easily let go, so competing to foraging, because many fish bait, hard to eat, have the effect of luring fish lasting. With the hook, fish feeding often easy to mistakenly swallow the hook hook, hook more also increases chance.
(3) the fish to escape: sea rod reel, the above storage plenty fishing line, and drag device, to catch fish, can be placed line, take-up reel, give full play to the strengths, and can adjust the drag device, effectively control the momentum of the fish, the fish is difficult to break the line. And the rod to catch big fish, little leeway for many, many times can only helplessly see fish snapped the fishing line, or even broken rod and escape.
(4) are not afraid of wind wave disturbance: sea rods generally do not float, it is to see the rod tip or listen to the bell rang to transfer the fish take information, as long as the rod tip of upper and lower jitter, or is the sound of the bell, will know that the fish is hooked, the wind and the waves no what influence on the fish bite. In addition, in the roughest, a lot of fish were sunk in deep water, hand rod is more difficult to play a role.
(5) compare save effort: unlike pole sea rods that need to be tightly pegged float, which is composed of information transfer bite bell, can protect eyesight, make people not too fatigue, especially in the summer high temperature season, do not have the scorching sun holding the fishing rod to defend, and sitting in the shade under observation until the bell rang the poles. Another fishing can also take care of several sea rods, which root rings which root mention, can increase the rate of fish.
(6) flexibility: the sea rod not only can bottom fishing, also can be swung to the distant waters, with floating fishing; can not only bomb hook, can also be used on the hook; not only can the day fishing, more suitable for night fishing.
However, the sea rod also some shortcomings, such as the bell or the rod tip transfer the fish bite information is not sensitive, often is the fish killed hook only reaction, thus missed many favorable pole time; not suitable for fishing in the water area with dense, for easy hanging grass; the bomb bait, need to prepare enough food, cost the larger.


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