To intensify the investigation of ocean fishery resources
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One of the important legal tools to protect endangered species strengthened as the international community, "endangered species of Wild Fauna and flora" Convention on international trade in endangered species (CITES) to control the scale of international trade guarantee, plays an important role in the sustainable use of resources etc.. In recent years, some western countries on the one hand expressed concern about continued to decline a variety of plant and animal resources, on the other hand, tried to strengthen the control of the world of public resources, is committed to promoting the CITES convention expansion, from the traditional management of endangered species is extended to the bulk of trade of Marine Fisheries and wood species.
This lasted for more than 10 years of seesaw negotiations breakthrough in 2013 CITES Sixteenth Annual Conference of the parties, five species in conventional trade sharks are included in the scope of control of this Convention, the provisions of the beginning of September this year, implementation. The general assembly also adopted on the high seas fishery catches import and export management introduction from the sea resolution, requests from the high seas species across borders must abide by a set of clear but extremely complex process, which makes the world fishery resources utilization is facing new challenges, and may gradually bring worldwide industry restructuring.
Need to see, these new control measures, and not only the means of related species to obtain a set of import and export documents to carry out international trade activities, more importantly, States parties must understand the resource status of a species, confirm the trade activities will not be threatened the species survival, accordingly issued to the appropriate number of import and export documents. The CITES Convention on whether countries appropriate evaluation in issuing the before the performance review, and considered performance disadvantaged country taken to limit punitive measures or even prohibit international trade related species. In addition, included in the scope of the Convention control in five species of shark historically, because of various kinds of fish products in the segmentation process after it is difficult to identify, will lead to more fishery species according to CITES "species similarity principle" was included in the scope of control.
Undoubtedly, understanding the basic status of some kinds of resources is a necessary requirement to achieve sustainable use of resources, but also China's long-term direction. But should see, including China in most developing countries, the historical development of the ocean fishery is not long, the lack of adequate resources survey data, but also the objective reality.
If we do not establish a perfect system of fishery resources investigation as soon as possible, accumulated resources data, according to the "international trade in endangered species of Sea Convention" provisions of the introduction and the import and export, States parties will issue a certificate to the loss of the right to the use of resources. This also means that the original long master of pelagic fishery dominance of the country will strengthen the control on the high seas resources, gradually one or a few big alone. In developing countries there is the danger of pelagic fishery activities gradually disintegrated, import and export trade will be restricted seriously.
Today's investment is the protection of the interests of tomorrow. Many years ago, China's economic conditions are not developed to the peaceful use of space resources, is committed to the development of the satellite and the rocket, it is now in the aerospace industry boom has also led to the comprehensive progress of many related industries. Pelagic fishery is an important economic industry in China, is an important source of demand for food to meet one billion three hundred million people, is the realization of marine development strategy an important focal point. Therefore, the relevant departments must recognize the importance of the maintenance of ocean fishery rights and interests from strategic height, as soon as possible to strengthen the comprehensive survey of pelagic fishery resources, accumulate first-hand data. Only in this way can our grasp the international negotiation discourse right, can guarantee the rights and interests of our country long-term use of ocean fishery resources.


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