Wuhu Sanshan district organizations to combat illegal fishing law enforcement inspection
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To strengthen the Yangtze River Wuhu Sanshan sections of natural waters fishery management, effective protection of fishery resources in natural waters, comprehensive management of fisheries production safety hazards investigation. In November 27th, Wuhu city farming appoint Sanshan District, according to province, city spirit organizations in the region of deployment, fishery law enforcement personnel, earnestly carry out the fight against illegal fishing and fisheries production safety inspection of law enforcement work.
In the morning, fishery law enforcement officers in the fishery fishery management center of law enforcement personnel support, driving fishery law enforcement boats, has come to the Yangtze River Estuary production boat fishermen Zhang temporary stops and fishing waters fishermen's representatives, held a symposium, the issuance of "fisheries production safety publicity prompted single". At the same time, in view of natural waters in the Changjiang River estuary area of minority and Zhang upstream of local fishermen illegally set "scam" and "fish" and other acts cautioned, and issued a "notice on dismantle" scam "and prohibit the illegal" fish "". Through law enforcement personnel patience careful policy explanation and propaganda, make a few illegal setting "scam" and "fish" of the fishermen, recognize their illegal acts, said before the end of this month will be to dismantle illegal settings "scam", and commitment to the future no longer set "scam" and illegal "fish".
"Scam" and "fish" and other fishing gear, is the "people's Republic of China fishery law" and other laws and regulations explicitly prohibited the use of illegal and harmful fishing gear, the natural waters fishery resource damage is very serious, especially in juvenile and rare species. The inspection of law enforcement, protection of fishery resources, to combat illegal fishing practices, strengthen fishery production safety will play a positive role.


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