Ranked Weihai fishing tackle company strength
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In 1981, Weihai the first fishing rod fishing gear was born in global. Weihai fishing tackle industry which the originator, then a road pilot, the total production of continuous years of dominating the domestic market. As of now, the city in the business sector registered fishing tackle industry enterprises reached more than 1200, have a certain scale of the enterprise has 400 to 600.
However, in the rapid development of world fishing tackle industry today, Weihai fishing industry had to face some indisputable fact: the total production began to decline; OEM production to restrict the development of industrial cluster needs to be improved. In the first Weihai international fishing and outdoor supplies exhibition, Weihai fishing tackle these enterprises "soft rib" once again exposed the purchaser in front of home and abroad. Then, Weihai to become the world's fishing base, how many way to go?
In November 9th, the first Weihai international fishing and outdoor exhibition, the exhibition show Guangwei fishing gear limelight: fishing rod manufacturing raw material -- carbon cloth, by domestic and foreign customers, many customers on-site sign the contract."This is an innovation of our products, do with it out of the fishing rod not only feel good, quality is also better than ordinary raw materials to do good." Guangwei Group Chairman Chen Liang told reporters that the products into the market, back to the big market share for the enterprise competition.The reporter found in this exposition,, new products and new technology into a number of domestic and foreign buyers to find the "hot spot", also become the enterprise seize the source of the "bright spot".On the same day, and two the purchaser American is looking for a new product. They tell a reporter, fishing tackle products as leisure products, upgrading the speed. In this case, new technology, new product is always a concern, of course, also there is no lack of market.
However, the two purchaser's disappointment, they in this exhibition are almost never found his new product needs. They say, quality to see in the exposition of the fake bait, solid core rod, heavyweight reel and other products have not reached USA standard.
Compared with the two buyers from Indonesia, Mr. Luo seems much more lucky, he insulating materials Co. Ltd. booth in Weihai bath Tai Lin ago found their own need to slip pattern tube. However, the reporter sees, this product is the development of a Shenzhen company, the company is sales agents.
In this regard, China International fishing trade exhibition chairman Li Jiang said in the gear industry intensifying competition situation, who mastered the new technology, create new products, who will win the market.
He said, Weihai fishing tackle companies never short of technology innovation "leader". In the 80's of last century, the domestic first glass fibre reinforced plastic in Weihai produced, at the time of the hot scenes that he still fresh: "take out the seller did not dare, rob!" But in the next 20 years, Weihai fishing enterprises to constantly is not much, many enterprises still remain in the processing production level. Therefore, to improve the gear whole enterprise innovation ability, Weihai is the necessary condition for further do strong bigger fishing industry based on the. The exhibition for the Weihai fishing enterprises to build and world docking platform. On the basis of primitive accumulation of capital and technology, enterprises can show as a "springboard", increase investment in research and development, speed up the adjustment of product structure, production for the world market products. Weihai CCPIT chairman Shao Yongliang said that with the help of exhibition platform, local businesses can actively learn from foreign advanced enterprises, learning new products, their new technology, local enterprises can communicate more in the exhibition scene and the domestic and foreign buyers, common design new products, down, directly to the factory for the development, negotiation and cooperation, promote the the technological transformation of enterprises and the upgrading of products.
Create own brand, to achieve sustainable development
"Except for some domestic enterprises have their own brands, to mainly for export products of Weihai fishing companies, not own brand." Weihai Yunlong Fishing Tackle Co. Ltd. manager Guo Tie told reporters at the show.
Indeed, as Guo Tie said, the reporters in the exhibition in a circle, in addition to their own business name engraved with the light power and other large enterprises outside the enterprise sample, 90% sample are inscribed in English or Japanese, did not see the "Weihai of China" ".
Weihai as China gear manufacturing base, behind the scenery, the surface prosperity for many years, in fact, mainly rely on to some of the world's brand of fishing gear do "OEM" survival, greatly small hundreds of fishing gear production plant, with OEM (OEM) to open foreign markets, make the processing fee that a "hard money." most of the profits are let those business are well-known brand of foreign companies earn.


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