Fishing gear and fishing tackle what is the difference between
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Fishing gear (fishing tackle) general term for various tools directly used for fishing and harvesting of economic animal in the waters of the. In order to improve the efficiency and scope of fishing gear fishing for the configuration of the instrument, instrument and other auxiliary equipment, fishing vessels and machinery and equipment are not fishing gear. According to the structure characteristics and operation principle of gear is divided into 4 types.
Fishing net
The world use fishing net capture aquatic products accounted for more than 80% of total catch. Fishing net, rope, mesh by the float (such as the floating barrels, floating, floating ball, etc.), composed of a sinker. According to the different object and operation mode of fishing, fishing gear and gill nets, purse seine, divided into the trawl, Zhang Wang, sweep net, net, dip net, apply mask nets, traps and other 9 categories.
Fishing gear
Usually by hook, bait, fishing line and other components, some also installed on the float, sinker, rod or other accessories. The hook is a knot tied in fishing line hook thorn part. Inverted tooth structure and the non inverted tooth structure of two classes. The bait of choice is often a key influence the success or failure of the fishing harvest, can be divided into two kinds of bait and bait. Bait by source can be divided into different animals and plants of bait bait. In marine fishing in general with the fishes, cephalopods, crustaceans and other animal bait; fresh water with earthworms and insect primarily. Vegetal bait for trapping freshwater fish, mainly rice, wheat, sweet potato and other products. To make feather, cloth, rubber, wood, metal and plastic use bait system. Disguised as a bait fishing objects like animals, or made other temptation enough to stimulate the fish predation reaction.
Rake the thorny
With a rake to dig, thrusting properties of fishing gear. The former has the sharp tooth claw rake, rake will fishing objects hidden in the sediment in the bottom digging and capture; the latter includes fish dart, gun saw, long handled hook and other projectors and empty hook, operations aimed at capturing object into the body and capture, or the use of empty hook spikes capture.
Pot type
Like the drill hole by using some fishing objects habits, in their regular habitat stay waters set with a hole cage, tank, conch shell, luring them into acquisition. Such as the eel fish cage, cage shrimp, conch cage. Fishing gear as the name implies, is used by fishing fishing appliance. Now a lot of time, and the two names are referred to the


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