With the foot "ecological" living "fishing" the advantage
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Hubei province freshwater fishery output ranked first in the country. Xiaogan City, Hubei Province, is one of the four major fishing areas, rich in fishery resources, the ecological environment is excellent, aquaculture waters wide, with aquaculture development advantages and conditions be richly endowed by nature. After years of development, Xiaogan city aquaculture made attract people's attention achievement, fishery economy has maintained a good momentum of rapid and healthy development of the. The scale of aquaculture and aquatic products output, output has been ranking the forefront of the province, is rich in both urban and rural residents "food basket", guarantee the effective supply of agricultural product safety, played an important role in promoting rural economic and social development.
In 2014, Xiaogan city aquatic stocking area of 1100000 mu, the output of aquatic products 450000 tons, fishery output value of 8000000000 yuan, 12500 yuan per capita net income of fishermen. Fisheries accounted for a large proportion of agriculture increased to 17%, the water industry has become a pillar industry of the city's agricultural development, rural economy's leading industries and the farmers become rich characteristic industry.
The characteristics of Fisheries and farming to help increase
Shell green, exalted chela crayfish swept the country, but the quantity is not much artificial breeding. Yi Sheng company succeeded in solving the crayfish breeding bottleneck, by the central finance in the modern agricultural production development funds 10000000 yuan, Zhu Lake Farm crayfish breeding base construction in Xiaonan area, accelerate the development of crayfish industry.
"There are three kinds of breeding shrimp breeding base in our factory, there are breeding, greenhouse and open-air ponds pond three." General manager of the company Li Wuju introduced Yi sheng.
A width of 15 meters of solar greenhouse marked on several characters: freshwater crayfish factory breeding workshop. The "workshop" out of the ordinary, 30 meters long, mounted on the circumference of a row of windows, two big power fan, the arc of the roof can be folded can open a hatch shading, indoor cement pool neatly arranged. "Workshop in all seasons crayfish suitable growth temperature, cold insulation, the temperature is too high the windows open shade net cooling fan." Li Wuju said.
Hatching pool, purple bloom green lettuce quietly floating on the water, the gap between showing a little red, look carefully, a small thumb sized crayfish is a leisurely hide under the leaf rest. "We each pool raises water lettuce, it can purify water, but also to provide food and habitat of crayfish." Li Wuju said, shrimp seedling grows to about 1 cm in length can be sold.
From the shop out, the left hand side is a row of greenhouse, and the workshop is different, there is no cement hatchery pond greenhouse, but rectangular mud pond, shop front is a piece of ordinary open pit mud pond. "The other two kinds of breeding mode, is here, greenhouse and open-air ponds pond." Li Jingli introduces, below this seemingly simple earthen ponds are not simple. In the ponds is using nanometer micropore aeration technology, the water level in the pond is adjustable according to the height of water level control in different growth period of crayfish. Cycling can earthen pond water, underground pipelines are laid in the pond, water through the pipe into the water purifying pool, through the biological purification then sent to the pond, the water quality is ensured crayfish fine growth.
Yi Sheng company developed "crayfish artificial large scale propagation of key technology research and demonstration", with "control artificial induction method of illumination, temperature control, water level control, water quality control, strengthen feed" "five one", prompting the crayfish in earthen ponds, paddy fields, cement pool and indoor propagation workshop batch spawning. Large scale breeding, overcome the bottleneck of crayfish production increased, won the three prize of scientific and technological progress in Hubei province.
Advanced technology is the productive forces. Yi Sheng was identified as the Ministry of agriculture, Hubei Province health aquaculture demonstration farm of Hubei Province, one of the crayfish seedling breeding base, Xiaogan City, the focus of agricultural industrialization leading enterprises. The company of 300 mu breeding base of existing plant breeding workshop 5, greenhouse ponds 20, annual breeding fry 200000000 end, the annual sales income of about 20000000 yuan, becoming the national first-class crayfish breeding seed industry leading.
Special aquaculture has become a new bright spot of the fishery development in Xiaogan. Xiaogan has formed a small lobster, crab, eel, yellow catfish, mandarin fish five varieties oriented features of aquaculture pattern, benefit is obvious advantages. In 2013, the city's five varieties breeding area of 556000 mu, the output 34000 tons, output value of 1490000000 yuan, accounting for the total 50.4%, 8.2% fisheries, 20.6%.
Xiaogan around the line into a loach, turtles, snakehead, paddlefish based "one county one" and "one fish industry" regional layout. Should the City Tangchi Town turtle breeding specialist development to 500 households, jointly established by the Tang Chi turtle food limited company, and registered the "Tang Chi turtle" trademark. The company turtle breeding area of 5000 mu, annual output of soft shelled turtle 3500 tons, annual output value of 150000000 yuan, Hubei province has become the largest turtle breeding professional town. Hubei aquatic breeding in experimental station in Xiaonan base and Hubei Xiaogan Hanjiang famous fish breeding farms as a leader, years of breeding paddlefish 5000000 end, Hubei province has become the main breeding area of Paddlefish breeding. Yunmeng County Development snakehead farming area reached 1200 mu, annual output of 1800 tons, annual output value of 80000000 yuan, has become one of the largest breeding base of ophiocephalus argus. Dawu county "loach" make big industry, and actively create a "Dawu loach" characteristics of the brand, large-scale farming to expand the area of 2000 mu, "Dawu wild loach soup" was named one of ten famous dishes of Xiaogan city. The crocodile, leech based emerging special breeding strong development momentum. Hubei Lian Yue, Xiaogan smoothly,


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