How to buy Fishing Tackle
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A, appearance inspection
The purchase of the float, the first step is visual inspection. The method is: will float in hand, floating neck position frame in another hand thumb, forefinger, rotate around the body check float whether symmetry, the floating tip and drift pin form a straight line etc.. If there is drift shoulder height, width asymmetry, floating around the body and the floating tip inserts ranging from clear of floating body position is not concentric, it proves that the float is not a work of high quality products, fine. In addition, the inspection also need to pay attention to check fish sudd tip Semu ring is clear, the spacing is too large or too small. Because, the float floating tip part is the main object of reference we directly observe the fish, it is clear, how will directly affect the visibility, we on the fish underwater judgment. Finally, more careful examination of float of floating body texture is material unity. Because, there are many float is made of two or more pieces of floating material adhesion forming (such as large peacock bleaching, bleaching of reed and other parts), float this process made the need to use the same density of splicing floating materials formed, so as to ensure the stability of the float in the water. We in the purchase of such float, should observe each piece of floating materials color, texture and consistency of the size or roughly the same. If the contrast is too big, then the float may not be from the same density material together, may cause the float in the water on both sides of the buoyancy of unequal phenomenon, is not conducive to accurately display the weak fish. The second step is to feel the touch detection. Method: a hand picked up the float floating feet gently rotate, another hand thumb, index finger, middle finger hold the float body, from top to bottom, slowly sliding, feel the smoothness of floating body and the fineness of the paint. Exquisite workmanship quality float in general these small problems, basically will handle it well.
Two, rolling inspection
After the appearance of initial inspection, we will be the center of gravity center detection. A good bleaching, to reflect well the fish, is the centre of gravity is very important in the floating body axis. Test method is: will float on the fishing gear shop, smooth glass cabinet table, gently poking hand float, if it can be fast, smooth rolling on a smooth board, through the Department connected can constitute a sector graphics, and no shaking, dithering in the rolling, and then explain this is a good float.
Three, choose the brand
If the face of an array of float product uncertain words, choose the brand method is often easier one, especially for some just for hanging pendant fishing interested and has a certain economic strength suitable especially for beginners. Choose brand float is not casually where can buy, want to do pay attention to prevent some unscrupulous traders shoddy, with fake brand to fool. According to the author's experience, choose the brand of fishing tackle (including float) must be to the regular store to buy a good reputation. In addition, personally recommended by the famous catch or well-known experts and field sell float, generally no fake yu.
Four, according to the purchase of their own economic situation
Fishing - although there is no distinction or distinction, but fishing people of the economic strength of the difference has the obvious difference. We pay attention to scientific and efficient fishing, but never advocate everyone regardless of the actual situation of blind consumption, according to the different income, different consumption idea, rational purchase fishing tackle (including float) is a kind of rational behavior. Fishing enthusiasts in the army, working-class fishing accounted for the vast majority of. To state-owned enterprise workers a monthly income of 1500 yuan as an example, it is understood that they used to buy fishing tackle the consumption capacity of about 300 ~ 1000 yuan / year. The expenditure for the purchase of the float is about 50 ~ 100 yuan / year. For an entry-level new fishing hand, buy float belongs to one-time investment, so there may be exceeded 100 yuan / year phenomenon. According to such consumption ability, we suggest that wage earners (in leisure and entertainment as the main way of fishing fishing) in the purchase of the float, should first consider the choice of those reliable quality, exquisite workmanship but no brand effect of high quality products to the domestic. For those laid-off fishing for rural and urban economic source of income instability but fond of fishing, in principle, we promote the purchase of economic utility of fishing tackle, was no longer necessary for entertainment and leisure and family life to the use of funds. If you do need to purchase, recommend the best buy of acceptable quality, durable but cheap single float can be installed. Such as the common bleaching of reed, plastic drift. For the cause of small achievements, high enthusiasm for competitive fishing and fishing friend fishing for an interest in buying the main float, when should avoid the blindness, not because of an impulse or recognize blurred sometimes buy sets of inferior goods, "home to float a lot, useful a few" phenomenon, resulting in unnecessary waste. In addition, this kind of fishing friends should be how long a heart, beware of some people with ulterior motives of the so-called friends give you the "recommended" what is "out of print fine float" or "the most sensitive float" such suggestions, spend a lot of money to buy some fancy float. Our advice is: according to their fishing needs, choose the brand, fine workmanship, functional quality products. Best buy for sets should be selected brand, in order to adapt to different fish season, water.


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