Species and usage of the hook
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1, the sky hook 

Commonly known as the vertical hook, and a weight hook. Is the main fishing of wild fish. Sinker oval, a middle groove, do fishing line tied a knot. The hook into the water, the hook tip will be upward, above the plane of underwater, so can not easily be silt or grass cover, and the fish to bite,.

Sky hook assembly is usually composed of a main line hook groove is directly tied to the left at the end of the float is mainly used in color, seven stars drift and station drift. Because the hook dropping one, when a fish bites the hook, fish mostly sent bleach, only Grass Carp, black carp, bream and other individual large fish bite, the float will appear as black and bleaching. In addition, the sky hook is almost always a barbed hook in the fish, then, because of the role of the barbs, fish is difficult to decouple, by the old fishing friends and beginners welcome.

2, sleepy hook 

Also known as lying fishing, fishing line directly tied hook and eye, with an opening lead sinker, mung bean size of parabolic rods, hand to the front of the swing into the catch point.

3, the clip hook

Commonly known as bamboo hook, also called Zhang Gong hook. Made of bamboo, the bait of choice boiled wheat or cooked dough, cover on the tender reed pipe, when the fish bites the hook, the tender reed pipe rupture, bamboo flick cross card in the fish mouth, the fish hook.

4, conjoined hook

Also known as the feet of anchor, the anchor hook, moustache, two hook welding, mainly used for boiling take fish.

5, tripod anchor

Three claw tip up, handle tail ring line. This method of fishing is the fish hanging hook with extreme reluctance way. In addition, the anchor hook can also be made of bronze fishing groups, fishing for fish, fish fish, fish fish Zong sense such ferocious fishes. When the effects of fishing select jet, large waves cast fishing waters, the use of fishing line wheel take-up and bronze medal ablaze, tease foraging fish or fish feeling fish.

6, thin and thick hook hook

The thickness of hook strip associated with hook no.. In general, the greater the hook hook number, more rough, the higher the tensile strength of the hook. But not all hooks and hook a number are fine, poor strength resistance. This requires concrete analysis of concrete problems. Usually, the quality of the steel wire tensile strength better, stronger. The advantages of coarse hook is high tensile strength, fish easily decoupling, the disadvantage is, puncture ability is poorer, easy to cause the fish wary, influence fish bite rate, can not adapt to the individual small fish fishing. Advantages of strips of hook is good concealment, hook a fine, puncture the ability is strong, the goal of small, can be used to fish in the pond fish Hua, ideal effect.


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