Fishing rod with salad oil wipe please
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While they were fishing, fishing will appear when the hook hanging on the grass, slightly forced fold line (or caught a small fish), fishing rod front section three sudden rupture of a section, think this is the quality problem of the fishing rod. Actually otherwise, but fishing friends are usually on the rod maintenance often cause. Here, to talk about the fishing rod maintenance is how to do: the fishing rod maintenance except when used in peacetime to pay attention to gently, not free to rubble, sand is put, the key is home after fishing is carefully maintained for fishing rod. (a) is fine for fishing, fishing rod exposure a day in the sun, natural water drains in the pole, then your pole dull, in the course of time, will form the "old pole", loss of elasticity, one day suddenly appears and broken due to elastic is not supported. Maintenance methods: home after fishing, first with hot wet towel (50 degrees) will be a fishing rod gently back and forth the whole body paint wiped, (called replenishment), to be aired for 20 minutes, and then a piece of cloth with the car wax (no car wax can be lit the candles drip in flannel wipe on a fishing rod gently wipe) package paint (called wax), finally will be airing rod all through the night on the line; (two) is a rainy day fishing, fishing rod wet by the rain, although the day when your rod already use a cloth to wipe again fishing rod, but humidity is still heavy, second days of distraction rod can still feel a little wet, long this continues, not only the surface smooth rod will flake off, and will gradually wind (especially the second rod and fishing rod front section three), meet hook weeds or catch a moment of fish, can appear the phenomenon of fracture. Method for maintenance treatment of this condition is relatively simple, is fishing in the rain after the home must have a fishing rod, each with a dry cloth to wipe it again, and then arranged on the ventilation at night can be a dry. In addition, the rod should also regularly waxing maintenance, is not only a fishing rod away hold good when in use, and the service life will be greatly strengthened.


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