Fishing is not running fish skills
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One must have patience: when is the big fish bait, to the static under heart to come, stand the nature and the mediation, be willing to constantly, online tension value within the range of reasonable operation. The fish catch and fish is hooked than strength, only can be in a relatively short time internal pull it into people's homes in on the line, but the fish if you think so, then trouble!
Second, to understand the big conflict rules: advance toward the control fish. Here is not initiated automatically pull line by brute force changes the fish swim to the fish itself, but on the walk to expend its energy. If want to let the fish fishing purpose in accordance with the reasonable conflict, fishing only change the force direction and application of moderate strength, on the line, when the pole at the beginning of what you know now the fish for our group, on the use of animals fear and reverse psychology to control its direction. The application of this method need to focus on is to give sufficient force application rod and switch the direction of space, has been handling fish lateral movement in front of you, until the fish slipped to the point of exhaustion. Otherwise, the fish will go towards the pool tour again left and right side led to very difficult to break running fish, nine times out of ten is suddenly put into the stream.


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