Chinese fishing tackle circulation field to analyze the current situation
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A, fishing tackle sales market format analysis:

At present domestic fishing tackle sales market basically has the following kinds of kind:

1, wholesalers, generally for engaged in fishing tackle sales earlier fishing tackle shop, management mode, most traditional retail sales concurrently, product quality is uneven, basic did not establish quality guarantee system.

2, fishing tackle retail stores, more for fishing fans transition, many are grocery store type mom-and-pop shops, small investment, stores image is poor, internal display messy, breed is not complete, because from among the wholesalers replenish onr's stock, so common sale price is high, the product quality cannot assure.

3, enterprise self-built February, sales of their own brands, quality can guarantee that the price is relatively reasonable, but due to the enterprise in the main energy production, February open quantity is limited, small coverage, and sales varieties and single.

4, brand factorial or chain, more for traditional single shops also agent many domestic enterprise product, there is no unified management, for loose and free combination, sales price optional and no unified image and unified quality guarantee.

Second, the traditional shop operating situation

1, traditional fishing tackle retail stores, initially more for fishing fans, most fishing tackle shop is open store type mom-and-pop shops, small investment, stores image is poor, internal display messy, dark, less variety, because from among the wholesalers replenish onr's stock, intermediate link, so common sale price is high, the product quality cannot assure.

2, brand product channel management confusion, causing around retail products structure tends to identical and small and medium-sized fly-fishing store are difficult to maintain a product of regional exclusive advantages, led to a price competition is intense, increasingly difficult earnings.

3, because many small amounts of replenish onr's stock, incoming and transportation cost is higher, and the manufacturer for small businesses generally no return of the mechanism. That year the unsold products easy to form inventory. Every year in a large part of the profits by inventory occupation.

4, small shops not create his own brand of strength, more for simultaneously ACTS the number of companies of brand product, most of profits by manufacturers and levels, while ordinary middlemen partitioned low value-added products, quality and after-sales cannot assure.

5 and in the same city rivals competition within and have a low level of price competition, no propaganda well-knownness instead, to do propaganda price cost doesn't go down is always in the dilemma in the short term, it is difficult to obtain rapid and value-added returns.

6, and stores image is poor, credibility have high low, after-sales service is difficult to high level perserve.

7, purchase-sell-stock management means primitive, of a long time, often don't know myself some what goods, reserve is how much, as the years passed, inventory increases year by year.

8, traditional store first practitioners as low success rate, all the incoming, publicity, customer service, and storefront renovation design to wait all to complete yourself, no brand backing as support and hard sweaty.

Third, the independent open new confusion

         Many small investors very early noticed that, with the development of our national economy, fishing movement is steadily developed in domestic market opportunity, fishing supplies caused more people's attention and interest, but fishing tackle articles, including 14 categories, tens of thousands of new products, light, familiar with the industry with no 3 to 5 years cannot fully into. Now we offer ordinary fishing tackle shop general pattern is: first, from the wholesale nearby of replenish onr's stock, the next year, through to the exhibition to the exhibitors directly sourcing, the third year to domestic large distributor or small and medium-sized enterprises direct purchase, but due to a single house purchase, cost is difficult to fall. Main problems summarized as:

1, alone the set up shop in just when practice unavoidably in the location, replenish onr, pricing and service, leaks.

2, no exclusive sales brand or brand is not complete, you went in to the goods everyone can go into, the same market comparability, has no competitive advantages, at any time will be eliminated,

3, arduous remote restocked because commodity variety, scattered sources, the purchase price is not familiar with, everything will visit, resulting in high cost, operation cost is big, unsafe factors, goods quality hard to guarantee, and because it is difficult to obtain were too small alone price advantage,

4, business blindly, lack of guidance, local, short-term sex business without persistence, management risk is big, anti-risk ability weak.

5, information out-of-the-way, lack of system comprehensive advertisement support, market information, effective resource scarcity surfaces in narrow, cannot adjust good business direction;

6, advertising and promotion input costs is high, once input and revenue cannot become direct ratio, causing advertising pr no effect, will the region in a dilemma,

7, purchase and almost no after-sale protection, investment (restocked) risk is big, Once suffer a loss, risk 100% will be borne by herself.