To choose the right fishing weather
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Many people are very clear after the beginning of spring to Jingzhe solar term of this period of time is cloudy or sunny rain snow, cold and warm currents alternately when more frequent, low temperatures and rising trend. According to the analysis of fishing experience, as long as the master of good fishing weather, full application skills, the same can catch fish, fish fish excess interest, double harvest. A look at the following what time is suitable for fishing.
A, spring weather is suitable for fishing
It is warm and sunny 1 solar term, after the beginning of spring. The sun was shining, bright sunshine, although the large temperature difference between day and night, during the day with the Chunyang light irradiation, the temperature gradually increased, the temperature of the water by cold gradually warming, generally in the noon, the afternoon field maximum temperatures can reach 10~15 degrees Celsius, the narrow waters of shallow water Yang sun appears at six animal activity.
The 2 solar term, rain cloudy, yin and Yang of dry weather. This is a very good fishing weather, generally about 30 cm in shallow waters there are small fish activity.
At the beginning of 3, the waking of insects solar term, warm air flows up. The temperature trend of steadily rising situation, the rape bee flowers, flowers overflowing, busy season, temperature and ready to fish, is the best fishing weather.
4, cold cool in front of two or three days, is fishing of good weather.
Two, early spring weather is not easy to fish
Freezing rain and snow days in 1, after the beginning of spring. The temperature often at 5 degrees Celsius, cold cold cold, fish do not move do not eat in the deep lake waters.
2, heavy rain days. Low temperature cold rainy spring, bait feeding mouth fish don't cares.
3, the north wind roar roar cool day.
4, the sandstorm bad weather.
Three, fishing. These kinds of good weather fishing, fishing is not fishing generally late night, that is to say nine a.m. to four p.m. for the fishing time, easy fishing has, sooner or later, other times difficult to catch, the reason is the cold cold.
After a good grasp of fishing time, choose a good fishing tackle hardware facilities, both, Xiaobian wish everybody have a good harvest in fishing time.


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