The finless porpoise aquatic organisms selected card "ten big rivers"
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In May 21, 2014, sponsored by the environmental protection department of the Ministry of agriculture, Ministry of water resources combined, the China Environment Federation organized the "ten big river aquatic card assembly results selection activities" conference held in Qingdao.
The environmental protection department vice minister Li Ganjie attended the meeting and publish "ten big river aquatic card selection results," environmental protection of natural ecological protection division deputy director Bai Chengshou chaired the meeting, deputy director of the Ministry of Agriculture Fisheries Fisheries Management Bureau, Ministry of water resources Li Yanliang leadership, the China Environmental Protection Association Deputy Secretary General Xie Yuhong delivered speeches respectively at the meeting. 17 countries from East Asia, Southeast Asia and other places of the representatives, including members of the National Committee of China biodiversity protection unit, the local environmental protection bureau, local protection area management office on behalf of a total of 150 people attended the meeting.
Department of environmental protection director Bai Chengshou emphasizes, in recent years, water pollution, overfishing and the factors of construction of water conservancy project to freshwater aquatic ecosystems in Yangtze River, the Yellow River, the Pearl River, the Yarlung Zangbo River suffered unprecedented pressure, gradually increasing the endangered species of aquatic organisms. For the protection of aquatic resources, China in 2006, the State Council issued the "Outline" Chinese aquatic biological resources conservation action, clear the aquatic resources in the maintenance of the important strategic position in the national ecological security pattern. In 2013 the Ministry of environmental protection and the Ministry of agriculture jointly issued the "on the further strengthening of aquatic biological resources protection strict environmental impact assessment management notice", to further clarify the protection of aquatic biological resources and their habitat is a major task in the environmental protection work, and hope that through the "ten river water biological card collection activities", condensed multi force contribute to the protection of aquatic biological resources in china.
Deputy director of the Ministry of Agriculture Fisheries Fisheries Management Bureau Li Yanliang said, Chinese aquatic organisms have unique degree big, relic species number, complete ecological system characteristics, occupies an important position in the world of biological diversity. This activity of the Yangtze River, Pearl River, the Yellow River selected ten large rivers, breeds aquatic resource rich, supporting the development of freshwater aquaculture China. Maintaining these aquatic life in the river, that is related to the protection of biological diversity, but also related to the realization of sustainable fisheries in china. In the future, the Ministry of agriculture will also continue to strengthen communication and environmental protection department, Ministry of water resources related to environmental organizations together, combine closely, promote China's aquatic biological resources conservation and biodiversity protection work together to achieve greater progress.
China Environment Federation Deputy Secretary Xie Yuhong on the "ten big river aquatic card" activities were introduced, she pointed out that the protection of aquatic biological resources is a long-term task, continuous efforts need from all walks of life. China Environment Federation is ready to continue to play a "grand coalition" resource advantage, condensed the domestic and foreign environmental protection non-governmental organizations, enterprises, schools, media jointly launched a series of promotional activities, and actively explore joint protection innovation mode, create the good atmosphere of mutual care and protection of aquatic organisms in the whole society.
"Ten big river aquatic card selection results": the Yangtze finless porpoise, biological Name: the Yellow River biological card: Lanzhou catfish, Zhujiang biological Name: mud carp, Heilongjiang biological Name: Huso dauricus, Huaihe biological Name: Hyriopsis cumingii, Liaohe biological Name: Matsuko, Ya Lu Zangbo River creature card: different tooth crack abdominal fish, Lancang River creature cards: Mystus numerus, Nu River biological Name: Schizothorax gongshanensis, Irtysh creature card: hucho taimen. The selected card includes both a high degree of wild species threatened species, including rich historical and cultural connotation and great economic value species.
"Ten big river aquatic card collection activities" by the environmental protection department of the Ministry of agriculture, Ministry of water resources united sponsored all China Environment Federation will be responsible for the implementation of. In 2013 May officially started, determine the selection results through expert assessment, the public vote and expert review. The national total of 250000 people vote, covering 22 provinces and cities nationwide. Activities to deepen inter departmental cooperation, and play a positive role in enhance public awareness on the protection of aquatic resources, stimulating public protection of aquatic organisms and initiative, exploring protection mode innovation etc..