See my fishing gear industry transformation and upgrading from the seventh fisheries Expo
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Beginning in the 2008 world economic crisis broke out when the Chinese Weihai international fishing tackle exhibition, original intention is to face the changing world economic situation then, manufacturing in Weihai as well as the Chinese fishing gear enterprise open the door directly facing the world of small and medium-sized fishing tackle marketing system the most convenient window. After 6 years today, Weihai fishing industry is already out of the predicament? How enterprises to seek new development in the "transfer" process?
"The fish Expo, Weihai local fishing enterprise on the independent brand showed unusual passion, this is a trend of delight." City Council president Qi Liming told reporters, Weihai fishing industry in the past 10 years basically completed the processing base to the international fishing tackle manufacturing base evolution, is experiencing "the transition from OEM brand" to "own brand".
Status: quality and cheap "catch" the 8th party guest
3 days, from all over the world "fishing" who gathered in Weihai, 33000 square meters of fishery Expo site surging crowds.
The grand exhibition scale gave birth to an unprecedented exhibition heat.
"The 3 days we signed forty or fifty orders, and orders a large amount, including new customers for the first time cooperation. The new road we just independent research and development of the sub rod also achieved good results in this exhibition, is a bit larger than expected." As a company engaged in fishing gear fittings for nearly 20 years, participated in the seven national fishery Expo fruitful enterprise, general manager of Weihai Rambo Fishing Tackle Co. Ltd. Yu Bo of this exhibition is delighted.
Yu Bo told reporters, every product the company have been assembled, glue, pressure test, inspection and sampling procedures, but also according to customer and market demand to carry on the innovation, product not only best-selling domestic market, but also in the international market have a certain visibility. From Russia, South Korea, Singapore, Egypt, Spain, Portugal, and more than a dozen countries has made a special trip to the customers order their products exhibition.
And this is just a microcosm of Weihai fishing tackle in the current exhibition popular. The reason is the many years of quality and cheap, left a good reputation in the domestic and foreign distributors in mind.
Weihai Longwei Fishing Tackle Co. Ltd. in the area, the regional manager Zhou Haiping ushered in a wave of another wave of buyers. In the area of the background wall, "a national brand Yang the hard" slogan exciting. Founded in June of last year's hard Fishing Tackle Co., from one at the beginning of the fishing tackle in the high-end market, according to the market demand constantly innovate.
"Sign the bill signing in soft, the intention customer is innumerable, did not expect the first time exhibitors will have such a big harvest!" Zhou Haiping pleased to say.


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